We Absolutely Love What We Do!

Tassyam is the world's first unconventional and amalgamated Tea and Gourmet foods brand with focus on providing a holistic experience to the consumer. The name is derived from the Sanskrit word "Tassya" that means You or For You.

We follow the ethics of Late Sri Lala Ram Dev ji who opened shop in the alleys of Old Delhi in 1940 and swore to treat his customers like family and with love. Now, with over 70 years in the food industry, at this 4th generation iteration, our focus is on working on quality and not on margins.

We like to pass on as much margins as possible to our artisans and our clients so we can achieve our ultimate goal i.e. to make premium foods and beverages available to everyone. You are made up of what you eat, and we want the best for you.


Tassyam Black & Gold

Tomato - Stop Motion

A small snack to go with your Tassyam Black & Gold Tea ;)

This precious tea’s leaves are whole-bodied and softly crumpled with a deep and rich black appearance. The liquor takes a bright gold colour instantly. The tea has Darjeeling like notes, but with a touch of sweetness to it. Its crisp flavour with a hint of vanilla leaves a slightly rusty but very sweet aftertaste.

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