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Tassyam Shanti White | 10 Natural Teabags

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Aptly named as Shanti, owing to its calm characteristics, TassyamÕs white tea is a rare find. The silver down-covered leaves are a unique mix of both glistening white and rusty colours. Brewed, this tea acquires a light and almost rose-gold like appearance. With notes of dried apricots and a very smooth aftertaste, the tea has a somewhat citrusy-sweet fragrance. To extract the best flavour from this tea, add add 2g of the tea to 100-150ml of water (pre-heated to about 85¼ C) and brew for about 4 minutes. This loose leaf tea can be re-brewed at least twice, making a total of about 25 cups. Teas are a seasonal produce and thus flavours keep changing, and thatÕs good! Each batch of tea that leaves our facilities is distinct; and this allows you to appreciate the nuances and the subtle differences between each one of them. What we assure is quality; quality in our teas, quality in our design and creative philosophy, and quality in customer joyfulness (by going a step ahead of customer satisfaction). We steer away for machined produces and make sure that we pour in our hearts while getting your teas hand-picked and hand-blended. The utmost care dedicated to the production and packaging results in impeccable perfection and exclusivity. As we continue our journey to discover this perfection, we invite you to share this alluring experience with us.

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