Types of Raisins - Golden, Black and More

An essential part of several festive recipes and baked foods, dried grapes or raisins come in varieties of different types. While all the types of raisins come for the same source of vine-grown grapes, what sets them apart is how long they are dried and what method is used for drying them to get the end result.

They start out initially as green in skin colour and they tend to darken as they dry, becoming more denser and bursting with a sweet flavour. They are produced across the globe in the US, Turkey, Afghan and Australia. Here are some of the different types of raisins:

1. Golden Raisins or Sultanas

Unlike the darker black raisins, these raisins retain a pale golden hue because these grapes are made from the Thompson seedless grapes. They are usually dried under controlled temperatures with controlled humidity levels. The result is a much fruitier and sweeter flavour. They are also extra plump and juicier as opposed to other types because it is dried less.

For any recipes that call for a sweet touch, golden raisins should be your choice. Their texture and taste along with a sweet and tarty flavour make for a great addition to salads, dips, grain dishes and sweets.

Tassyam’s Golden raisins are a fine and a natural delight that can be consumed as a delicious snack or added to your food. Combine it with other dry fruits and nuts to make your own trail mix.

2. Black Raisins

Black raisins retain a darker black colour because they are often sun-dried or dried under extreme conditions. They are also made from a different variant of grapes called the Black Corinth grapes. The higher the temperature and the more direct the sunlight, the more darker the raisin.