This 3-Ingredient Tadka Recipe is All You Need to Take Your Dal to Next Level

The multiple lockdowns definitely made everyone a "chef", if not chef, then at least someone capable of cooking food to survive (and no, ready to eat noodles do not count as survival food). We are talking about making a proper meal, which includes rice or pulao (if you are feeling fancy), almost-close-to-round roti, aloo sabzi and dal with tadka. Speaking of tadka, have you cracked a full-proof recipe after many failed attempts? Or have you given up on making the perfect tadka and have made peace with enjoying your dal the boring way? If yes, then my friend, we have got this 3-ingredient tadka recipe which will elevate all your dal recipes because basic is boring.

Ingredients Tassyam Organic Cumin seeds- 1tsp

Tassyam Hingwale Kabuli Hing- 1tsp

Tassyam Organic Red Chilli powder- 1tsp or according to taste

Ghee- 1tbsp

Coriander leaves

Dried Red chilli- 1 to 2 pieces


Cumin or jeera is a good source of iron, promotes digestion, controls blood cholesterol and aids in weight loss. Know more about cumin seeds here. The best part? Tassyam cumin seeds are100% organic!

Hing is a very powerful spice found in the Indian kitchen. A pinch of it works wonders for any dish and give its special umami flavour. It is great for digestion, good source of anti-oxidants and helps in avoiding an acid reflux.