Oral Health 101: Home Remedies You Should Swear by

You know the weirdest thing about dental issues is that they become an "issue" all of a sudden. You might sleep well at night and the next day you wake up, BOOM, you have a toothache so bad you cannot eat anything.

Dental issues grow slowly and then become a huge pain. The pace at if they grow is so slow that you do not notice the pain and/or symptoms in the beginning and once the decay finally reaches it peak, the pain becomes unbearable. Only a dentist can save you after that and we all know how much we "love" going to the dentist!

To make sure dental problems like cavities, tooth decay, bad breath and bleeding gums do not become an "issue" for you and to save a dentist visit, you can always brush your teeth twice a day with a good brand of toothpaste. But, there are some home remedies that ensure good oral health and hygiene without burning a huge hole in your pocket.

1. Salt water rinse

Salt is an effective and natural disinfectant and can help loosen food particles and debris stuck between your teeth. Using salt water as a mouthwash can reduce toothaches, reduce inflammation and heal oral wounds. Add 1/2tsp of salt into a glass of warm water and use a mouthwash or to gargle after waking up.

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2. Garlic

We know it sounds surprising to have garlic under this category, but we have many reasons to back up the use of garlic in maintaining oral health and hygiene. Garlic has anti-bacterial properties which can kill harmful bacteria that causes plaque and act as a pain reliever. To use this ingredient as a home remedy for toothaches, grate some garlic and apply it on affected area. You can also add some salt to the grated garlic and use it.

3. Cloves

For over thousand years, clove has been known and used to treat toothaches. Cloves