Introducing Masala Chai Quick Fix

It is there for you when you find yourself struggling to swim through Monday morning blues or stressing over a hectic schedule. One sip of it and you feel you've attained nirvana.

We are talking about TEA!

Life without tea is.. Er.. Cannot imagine right?

Tea is your perfect companion during monsoon, a conversation starter when you meet someone new, a time travel machine which lets stories creep out from heart when slurped with relatives and sometimes a medicine when unwell.

A cup of chai is no less than a guardian angel and for many, their spirit animal.

However, this magical drink has to be made with utmost care. You miss a step or an ingredient and it'll all go wrong.

From being a mood setter it will drain all your vibes off from your soul if made wrongly.

Many of our customers have faced this struggle until they tried TASSYAM.

Burdened with to-do lists, never ending assignments and hectic schedules topped their mountain of stress and health issues .

They even complained on not getting their "me-time" over a cup of tea served at work or made at home which wasn't good enough in taste in order to relax their souls.

The conversation deepened and we realized that the much needed ingredients required for a perfect cuppa tea which in turn would infuse one with a gush of energy was missing.

The team at TASSYAM then sat and brainstormed about how that much needed peace could be sourced in to fill that void.

Before we could hear more such experiences , the team at TASSYAM came up with its CHAI MASALA to save the day and uplift tired spirits.

What's so special about TASSYAM'S CHAI MASALA?

It's a bottle containing all the spices for that perfect hot cuppa tea.

It consists of :-

1) CARDAMOM - Cardamom is also known to stimulate the secretion of bile acid in the stomach, further aiding in digestion.