Here's Everything You Need to Know About Our Kombucha Flavours

Have you recently heard the word "Kombucha" at a grocery store or read it as a part of a café menu or seen an Instagram influencer posting a story a fancy bottle of Kombucha? If your answer to any of these is a YES, then it is definitely time for you to try this drink that is taking the world by its storm.

Surprisingly, Kombucha is not a thing that became famous overnight. It has existed for over a thousand years, since 220 BC to be precise. Yes, it is that old. And it has got some crazy good health benefits as well which you read up here.

At Tassyam, we have got 12 exciting flavours of Kombucha on board which you cannot miss trying.

1. Ginger

Made using fresh raw ginger, So Fermata Artisanal Ginger Kombucha avoids the growth of bacteria in the mouth, soothes sore muscles, lowers blood sugar levels and cholesterol. Ginger combined with the benefits of Kombucha is a holy grail for your gut health.

2. Haldi Ginger

Flavoured with fresh raw ginger and turmeric, So Fermata Artisanal Haldi Ginger Kombucha has great anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in anti-oxidants. Bonus points- it is made using organic black and green tea and sulphurless sugar.