Here's A List of 5 Home Remedies to Ease Period Cramps

You know the worst part of periods is not the 4-5 days of blood loss, but the mood swings and period cramps that come as an added baggage with the menstrual cycle. While a good, light-hearted movie might be a good option for those hard-hitting mood swings, cramps and period pains can, sometimes, be a tough nut to crack. So, here we have curated a list of some home remedies you can try to ease down the period pains.

1. Hydrate your body

Drinking enough water can reduce bloating during your periods. Get into the habit of drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses of water, especially during your periods. Some women experience diarrhea or vomiting as a symptom during menstruation. In order to cover up for the loss of fluids in the body, it is even more important to stay hydrated.

An easy way to make water more palatable is to add slices of cucumbers or lemon wedges or few mint leaves and drinking it throughout the day. Apart from this, you can also sip chamomile or ginger tea. Chamomile is worldwide known for relieving period pains and helping in sleeping better.

2. A Diet rich in Magnesium

One of the most common causes of menstrual pains is deficiency of magnesium in the body. So, the best way to reduce period pain is to have a diet that includes magnesium in some form and covers up for the deficiency. Dark chocolate, avocados, nuts like almonds and cashews, legumes like beans, chickpeas, lentils and soyabeans, tofu, seeds including flaxseeds, chia and pumpkin, banana and green leafy vegetables are excellent sources of magnesium.

3. Consume Anti-inflammatory foods