Everything You Need to Know About Orange Candy Green Tea

At Tassyam, we always strive towards bringing health and good flavour together in all our products. And to achieve this perfection, we keep experimenting with new flavours that are never heard of in products you almost use everyday.

Our new addition Teawery Orange Candy Green Tea is the outcome of one such experiment. Here's everything you need to know about its health benefits, flavour profile and usage.

What is it?

Teawery Orange Candy Green Tea is an infusion of the Darjeeling green tea, Ceylon cinnamon, citrus fruit peels, rose petals and spearmint leaves. Each ingredient not only adds its unique fragrance and flavour to the tea but also brings together multiple health benefits in one. The tea has a citrusy taste profile with the subtle sweetness of cinnamon and freshness of spearmint. The best part about this tea? Each and every ingredient is 100% natural (like all of our other tea blends) and we have not used any artificial flavour. The bubble-gummy flavour in this citrusy tea that you'll taste is all natural!

Health Benefits

The world famous Darjeeling tea is known to maintain adequate hydration in the body, relieve stress and aid in weight loss.

Citrus peels like that of lemon and orange have high nutritional value, maintains good oral health and boosts the immune system and the heart.

Rose petals contain high amounts of polyphenols, a type of anti-oxidant known to reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, heart diseases and other cognitive diseases. It is also beneficial in reducing menstrual pains and anxiety.

Spearmint soothes bad stomach and combats cold and flu while Ceylon cinnamon lowers inflammation and blood sugar levels.

Usage Instructions