9 Home Remedies You Can Try to Get Rid Of "Hangover" Post Diwali

It won't be wrong to say that the Diwali festival marks its arrival a month in advance, with so many other festivities like Dusshera and Karwachauth lined up. A month of fun and frolic means a month of indulgence in your favourite food, sweets, drinks and some back-to-back card parties.

It can definitely get tough to move past the "hangover" that Diwali leaves us with and by "hangover" we mean the literal hangover caused by the consumption of alcoholic beverages and some stomach-related issues that can happen due to overeating or eating heavy and oily foods.

And while getting rid of the hangover of all the fun might be tough, we have curated a list of home remedies that will cure your body hangover for sure.

1. Hangover from Alcohol

Hangover from drinking alcohol comes with few symptoms like fatigue, dehydration, brain fog, nausea, low blood sugar levels, etc. While home remedies might not completely get rid of this hangover, they are beneficial in reducing these symptoms.

  • The first one is drinking water, lots of it. Alcohol is diuretic, which means it makes the body urinate more, hence causing loss of water and electrolyte imbalances. Drinking plenty of water the next day of drinking can help replenish for the lost amount of H2O.