Preparing the perfect cup of tea requires some precautions to maximize the flavor and health benefits of tea. In many countries tea making is considered an art form. So follow these simple instructions to enhance your tea drinking experience and appreciate this magnificent beverage.


Store tea away from things with strong aromas like spices, soaps etc. Use airtight and opaque containers and avoid exposure to sunlight.


Always use fresh water. Never use water that has been boiled more than once as doing this ensures to give you a dull cup of tea.


Infuse the tea leaves for the right amount of time and at the right temperature. All these factors depend upon the kind of tea that you are using. We have a Simple Tea Steeping Guide for you that you can follow.


Use loose tea leaves instead of tea bags as the tea used in most tea bags is broken and loses its aroma and essential oils. Loose tea also contains higher amount of antioxidants and polyphenols.


Warm the teapot before preparing tea as it keeps the tea warm for a longer period. You can pre-heat the teapot by rinsing it with boiled water.


Always maintain the water-to-leaf ratio for optimum flavor. The ideal measurements for most teas are one teaspoon or 2.5gm tea leaves for 250ml of water.


Add milk at the end. It is done to judge the strength of the tea and tea brews better in water comparatively. This helps in getting a proper sense of balance according to the kind of tea used as light teas tend to get overpowered by milk.


Use the right kind of teaware. There might not be right or wrong kind of teaware for each category of tea but certain kinds of tea require special kinds of teapot. Also use teapots made of earthenware, china, glass or stainless steel and avoid tin or enamel.

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