7 Tri-colour Foods You Can Make For Republic Day

There is something about Republic Day and Independence Day that even after so many years, every Indian feels the same patriotic feeling in their heart, each time prouder of their nation. Both of these days have always been celebrated with a lot of zeal in the country from cultural events in schools and colleges to a grand national parade and flag hoisting that is telecasted on the national television.

With Covid being in the picture from the last two years, the celebrations might have been a little simpler but the excitement and patriotism of the citizens is just the same. And what is better than putting this feeling in your food? Got confused?

Indian national flag has three colours- deep saffron (kesari) on top which depicts strength and courage of the country; white in middle representing peace and dark green at the bottom which shows fertility, auspiciousness and growth of the land.

Here's a list of some delish tri-colour foods you can relish this Republic Day.

1. Idli with Chutney

Warm idlis on a cold, winter day- there cannot be a better definition of comfort. It is time you whip up some idli batter and enjoy hot piping idlis with green and red chutney. The green chutney can be made with coriander, curd, green chillies and spices while for red, you can try this quick and easy tomato garlic chutney.

2. Sandwich

Sandwiches are the most versatile and easy-to-assemble food to exist on this planet and we should make the most of it in every possible way. When we talk about tricolour sandwiches, there are so many way to achieve that- using mayonnaise in different flavours is the easiest one. Layer tandoori or peri peri mayonnaise between two slices of bread and mint mayo in between the next two, and voila you got the easy-peasy sandwich.

If you want to amp things up a bit, make pesto using fresh basil leaves, olive oil and premium walnuts from Tassyam for the green colour and for the orange layer you can make a paneer filling with peri peri seasoning.

3. Pasta