5 Essential Spices Every Kitchen Must Have

Every cook needs a well-stocked spice cabinet to bring out the best flavour in their dishes. The key to successful Indian dishes is using the right balance of spices. And, the most important step is to ‘blooming’ the spices.

Blooming means cooking the spices is some oil, ghee or butter to bring out the flavour of the spices. Cook the spices until they release their beautiful aroma and get toasty, without overly burning them.

Stock up on these essential spices and cook fragrant and delicious dishes with a lingering flavour:

5 Must-Have Spices

1. Black Peppercorns –

A staple Indian spice that every kitchen needs, whole black peppercorns come with a slight pungency that adds a distinct flavour to your dishes. You can use it in their whole form or grind it fresh and add them to your dishes for a fiery taste.

From curries to chutneys and pickles to salad, these pepper seeds can be added to all dishes for several health benefits. They stimulate digestion and are a natural remedy for cold and flu. Use this spice in your cooking to make any dish healthy and tasty.

2. Cumin -

An essential ingredient in Indian cooking, cumin adds a warm flavour and dimension to several dishes. Whole cumin seeds are often used in tadka and the roasted and ground cumin powder can also be added to gravies and curries to further enhance their taste.

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