10 Signs that Tea is your One-True Love

Tea is not just a beverage; it’s a way of life. Tea is a work of art. A perfect cup of tea has the potential to stir souls. If you believe every single word that you just read and you’re already craving your cuppa. Here are 10 situations that you can identify with:

1.You know your teas.

You know everything that there is to know about tea. You are the tea whisperer. You can give an accurate prediction with just a whiff and a glance of the tea.

2.Your ultimate vacation spot: Hill Stations.

You dream of going to Darjeeling and Kerala to raid all the tea plantations to stock up your stash.

3.Tea is your favorite past-time.

You can never say ‘No’ to a cup of tea and your idea of a perfect hang-out is to go out for tea.