Tassyam Toasted Trail Mix

The iconic: Toasted Trail mix

The most popular Trail Mix in India.
A healthy and unique blend of berries and "toasted"* nuts & seeds.

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The Iconic Design

The world's first Trail Mix, which is different. We use a tough PET container that is both unbreakable, yet strong. This jar is heat sealed, which helps retain the freshness of its ingredients. 

It's Toasted!

We at Tassyam, believe in creating products that are truly unique, using the finest ingredients and blending techniques. We created the perfect recipe which includes toasted nuts and seeds in just the right proportion using our proprietary equipment.

Healthy Lifestyle

Whatever's your lifestyle and whatever's your need, The Toasted Trail Mix will fit right in. Take it on your hikes, to your office or just much on these whenever you want.

Introducing healthy munchies from your favourite brand. Owing to our experience of blending teas with flowers and spices (at Tassyam Teas division), along with the help of sommeliers and chefs in Europe, we have now created some crazy dry fruit blends. These dry fruit treats are a great alternative to candies and synthetic sweets. We've used only the highest grade dry fruits and hand-blended them develop some truly unique flavour profiles. This Toasted Trail Mix contains carefully mixed whole dry fruits like Raisins, Black Grapes, Cranberries and Toasted Almonds, Cashews, Muskmelon Seeds, Watermelon Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds. This healthy mix is great for sports because it's lightweight, easy to carry and nutritious, providing a quick energy boost from healthy carbohydrates and sustained energy from natural "healthy" fats! Or just enjoy this as a snack while watching your favourite shows, while studying or working, pair them with your favourite Tassyam Teas and what not!?