The Company

Tassyam is the world's first unconventional and amalgamated gourmet foods brand with a focus on providing a holistic experience to the consumer. 
Gusto, the abbreviation of  the parent company of Tassyam, is a term that originated from the Latin language, and signifies good taste or pleasure. Gusto 1940 is the 4th generation iteration of a traditional Indian family business founded by Lala Ram Dev Ji, in 1940, in the alleys of Old Delhi. After 70 years it's not about business, but rather about consumer satisfaction by carrying forward our legacy of providing the highest quality products. Today, Gusto 1940 stands for Goel United Spice Trading Office, while still holding true to the original definition of the word.
Goel United Spice Trading Office (GUSTO) is a vertically integrated Indian brand with a global outlook. We bring to you the rarest and the finest products from India.
We're a small, young team. We come from diverse backgrounds. The team has previously worked at restaurants, retail shops, food processing plants, and even big corporates like Pfizer, Amadeus and Philips. But we're all held together by 3 things - our love for Tea, our passion for Indian craftsmanship and our fascination with high quality design. We work from a small office/ warehouse space in the heart of Delhi.
The company focuses heavily on design, showcasing a fusion of traditional and modern-age, Indian craftsmanship. Each item is handcrafted or selected in person for its unique personality.