The Origin Of Gusto1940

The Origin Of Gusto1940
This venture was founded back in September 2015 by two ESCP Europe students - Tamás Leidal & Ayush Gupta - as a project for their Entrepreneurship specialisation in Madrid. Working together with Marie Malphettes, another student at ESCP Europe, a simple project turned into something real and beautiful. Tamas and Ayush continued working on it after the semester and carried it to Germany and Hungary.
gusto1940 - origin - founding - tassyam
Staying true to the original co-founders' vision, the idea was building an Indian brand with a global outlook. Tamas and Ayush added designers, chefs and tea sommeliers on board to refresh and and think bigger.
The name Gusto 1940 was chosen to incorporate both the firm's name - Goel United Spice Trading Office - and the literal meaning of the latin word i.e. Good Taste or Pleasure. This brand. The 1940 moniker refers to the continuation of Ayush's family business that is currently in it's 4th generation.
This brand is a vertically-integrated, fresh iteration of a traditional business, incorporating modern technologies, international standards and very strong focus on customer joyfulness.
Tassyam - beginning - namhah - origin
In the early phase, Gusto 1940 has created a brand division that focuses only on tea and the experience of consuming tea, and is named - Tassyam. Tassyam is a modification of a Sanskrit word that means "You" or "For You"; this reinforces the brand's vision to the keep the customer first. Tassyam not just cherry-picks the best teas or the best blends, but also provides tea-ware that completes the experience.
This is just the beginning. The road map of Gusto 1940 is huge and the journey ahead is long.

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