Tea & Book Pairings: A Match Made in Heaven

Tea & Book Pairings: A Match Made in Heaven

If you are a tea-lover and a bookworm then you will agree that pairing a book with the perfect tea is the most delightful and satisfying experience ever. This combination is like peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, bread and butter; in short, they’re made for each other. The perfect cup of tea just elevates your reading experience. In today’s post, we made some pairing recommendations to guide you in this journey.

  • FANTASY: Chocola Tea
    Chocola Tea is just like a fantasy. It plays with your taste buds and satisfies your chocolate craving yet it is a tea. It is a sinful indulgence which can also be enjoyed with whipped cream or ice cream. The world of fantasy is just like this concoction where you can get lost in a world of swords, magic, sorcery, dragons or goddamn elves for that matter. It is filled with limitless possibilities.

  • ROMANCE: Oolong Rouge - Oolong Tea Blend
    Oolong Rouge is infused with rose petals giving it a luscious sweet flavor, reminiscent of a long lost romance. It has a sensual aroma and acts as an aphrodisiac while you get captivated by the blend of emotional nuances of your romantic read.

  • MYSTERY/THRILLER/HORROR: Shanti Chamomile - White Tea Blend
    There is something so very right about drinking Chamomile tea while reading these genres. Shanti Chamomile soothes your soul and calms your nerves. It literally has a healing effect on your body.

  • POETRY: Lavender Hibiscus - Green Tea Blend
    Poetry is a sensitive and delicate art just like this gorgeous tea. This tea is a celebration of the powerful aroma of lavender buds and divine taste of hibiscus petals. This blend provides an experience which is poetic in every sense.

  • BIOGRAPHY: Black & Gold - Rare Organic Black Tea
    Black & Gold is a rare organic whole-bodied rich black tea with a hint of vanilla. It is unique like a biography accounting a person’s life story. It is a memoir of deep and intimate experiences.

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