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Tassyam - Experience Teas
The only beverage more popular than tea in the entire world is water. The legitimacy and importance of tea cannot be denied or undermined. At Tassyam, we offer a finely curated collection of Single Estate Teas and Blends. We believe Loose Leaf Tea is a premium substance that is meant to be savoured and enjoyed in its purest and most premium quality. Tassyam is a Delhi based Start-up that offers the most exquisite and excellent collection of teas coming from the most exclusive gardens located in India.
Tea is a wonderfully delicious and fine beverage with amazing versatility. It can be consumed in a variety of methods and paired with many food and beverages. A large number of studies also demonstrate that tea leaves are beneficial for both mental and physical health. But why settle for the average and simple tea bag when you can indulge your senses in a wildly pure and flavourful experience provided at tassyam.com? Expose your palate to the true nature of tea with our premium collection that offers the best teas India has to offer. Our teas are most often handpicked and selected to provide the most exclusive, perfect and spectacular aromas and flavours.
Tassyam allows connoisseurs and novices alike to choose among the most elegant teas. At tassyam.com you will find that the Indian culture and its legacy are promoted and celebrated as we offer the best tastes and elegant aromas the land can produce. Each single box of tea has been crafted delicately and with utmost care. Tassyam believes in delivering only the most elegant experience to your taste buds and honours the long and historical tradition of one of the most premium substances ever to be savoured.
Dare to discover a world of rich flavour and experiment among our various choices of premium tea flavours. Our collection of specialty flavours include Darjeeling teas and different varieties of versatile Black tea, Green tea, and White tea. We also have a selection of organic teas for those exclusive customers that want only the most natural and unadulterated flavour. Experience the quality and exclusive aroma of hand-picked, whole leaf Indian tea direct from the gardens in India. At Tassyam, we celebrate Indian culture by bringing our customer the very best tea products that the most exclusive Indian gardens have to offer.
With raving reviews and customer satisfaction, Tassyam is rapidly becoming an exclusive website that offers both excellent premium taste and unparalleled value. At Tassyam we believe that perfection is a goal to aspire to. Each one of our teas is crafted and packaged to offer only the most exquisite and alluring experience to each one of our customers. Our website offers detailed information about our mission and products. Place an order and explore the collection we have to offer. You can also pursue all the wonderful reviews and customer comments regarding our products.
At Tassyam, we believe your entire experience should be perfect, feel free to reach us directly, or connect through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay informed and up to date with new developments, news and events.

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