Perfect Tea Selections for every Mood

Perfect Tea Selections for every Mood

Tea is a very versatile beverage and has the potential to take care of you in ways you cannot imagine. With over 3000 varieties, tea is the most consumed drink in the world after water. There are different types of tea to suit every mood of yours. From feeling blue to feeling like you can conquer the world, there’s a particular type of tea that can really enhance or soothe the emotion or mood in question.

 So here’s a quick list of the 5 types of tea for every mood...

  1. Feeling Happy?
    Pair with:
    Chai Rose - Black Tea Blend
    A happy mood can be enhanced by this chai which celebrates the Indian ritual of tea drinking. It is a flavorful blend of various spices like cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon paired with fragrant rose petals which promotes positivity and generates wonderful hormones like serotonin. So the next time you’re feeling happy and want to amplify the sensation, you know what to do.

  1. Feeling Motivated? Charged?
    Pair with:
    Ashna Spearmint - Green Tea Blend
    Spearmint has mood-boosting properties which further increases your energy levels. This also makes for a refreshing and healthy iced tea which will rejuvenate and inspire you to bring you’re A-game on. To add to that, it gives you a minty fresh breath. Green tea is also rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals which improves your overall wellbeing. 

  1. Feeling Stressed? Anxious?
    Pair with: 
    Lavender Hibiscus Tea Blend
    Any stress-causing emotion or anxiety can be soothed with a tea blend containing the aroma of lavender buds and divine flavor of hibiscus petals. The citrusy taste with lavender afternotes will refresh your body and mind plus it’s delicious too. Inducing relaxation has been a traditional use of lavender tea due to its property to calm the nervous system.

  1. Feeling Sleepy? Need some shuteye?
    Pair with: 
    Shanti - Rare Organic Silver Needles White Tea
    Aptly named as Shanti, owing to its calm characteristics, Tassyam’s white tea is a rare find. The silver down-covered leaves are a unique mix of both glistening white and rusty colors. It is the perfect tea to lull you into a peaceful sleep. It has mild sedative properties which will help you put your lights out and recharge your body.

  1. Feeling Indulgent? Want to Celebrate?
    Pair with: Chocola Tea
    Chocola Tea is in itself a celebration. It plays with the taste buds and satisfies your chocolate cravings yet it is a tea. It is a sinful indulgence which can also be enjoyed with whipped cream or ice cream. It is the perfect way to celebrate, sipping this concoction where you can get lost in a world full of pleasure.

 Tea solves everything. You just need to know which one to drink when…
So get your favorite cuppa and celebrate this beautiful thing called Tea.

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