Introducing Teawery - The World's First Tea Brewery of Magical Products

Tired of trying to find cool, quirky tea accessories and always ending up getting the plain old stuff that everyone has?

Welcome Teawery = Tea Brewery

Apart from providing the finest and also the funkiest teas, we have launched our quirly little baby brand called Teawery. We brew awesome quality, but at the same time, affordable accessories for your tea, your tea room, your lounge, your kitchen, your bedroom or just wherever. 

You can already head down to the website and find the awesome-est:

1. Tea Mugs

2. Tea Coasters

3. Tea Cushions Covers

And of course, at Tassyam, we stop at nothing; many new products, accessories and tea partners* are coming soon.

*no terms and conditions here ;) we're about the bring the most unique items to your tabe [pun intended]. Something that's never been done before. Hold tight and hang on to this news section to keep yourselves up to date. If you're awesome too and already have a feeling about what tea partners are, then shoot us an email at and you might end up winning some of our teas and these tea partners.

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