12 Ways to protect yourself from Cold & Flu this Winter Season

12 Ways to protect yourself from Cold & Flu this Winter Season

The cold and flu season has already begun and no matter how hard we try, we still end up catching a bug. So prevention is always better than cure. There are plenty of little things you can do in your day-to-day life to avoid getting sick.

Keep on reading to discover some simple ways to kick the flu bug this year and stay healthy…

  1. Use spices & herbs
    Many common herbs and spices are not only antibacterial but also antiviral, and can be used to prevent an array of diseases including cold and flu. Try herbal remedies instead of popping pills by using natural ingredients like turmeric, ginger, sage, cinnamon etc.

  2. Sip tea
    A research at Harvard shows that people who drank 4-5 cups of tea a day for 2 weeks experienced a huge boost in their immunity. Tea has the potential to kill pathogenic bacteria in body. So drinking tea can really help you protect your health.

  3. Increase protein in your diet
    The immune system is made up of proteins and depends on the protein intake to function. Proteins are also a part of the antibodies that protect your body from all the diseases. So make it a point to consume protein rich foods like nuts, legumes etc.

  4. Wash your hands
    Keeping hands clean is one of the most important ways to avoid getting sick and spreading germs. The correct way to wash hands is to at least spend 20 seconds lathering your hands with an antibacterial soap according to the experts.

  5. Exercise
    Regular exercise is another immune-system booster. Aerobic exercise is the best way to make your heart pump. It helps increase your body's natural virus-killing cells.

  6. Say ‘NO’ to stress
    Try to smile more and preserve your mental health. Constant worry, stress and depression weakens the immune system and increases the risk of falling ill.

  7. Get enough sleep
    Proper and sufficient sleep decreases the chances of getting an infection. Studies show that people who suffer from lack of sleep are more likely to get sick after being exposed to germs.

  8. Eat the rainbow
    Make it a point to include a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet. These foods will strengthen your immune system to prevent cold, flu etc.

  9. Quit smoking
    It is a fact that smokers get more colds than non-smokers. Smoking is bad for your body even when you are not sick. So leave this harmful habit and stay fit.

  10. Hydrate yourself
    Water helps in optimal functioning of your body. It flushes out all the toxins from your body and ensures that oxygen reaches to all the cells which in turn results in boosting immunity.

  11. Keep a distance
    Avoid contact with people who are sick and keep distance. When you are sick, also maintain distance from others to protect them from getting sick too.

  12. Maintain hygiene
    Germs are everywhere! When a person touches a contaminated surface, his chances of falling ill increases. So sanitize your surroundings and keep you house, workspace and surroundings clean.

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