What Foods Should You Pair With Your Awesome Tea? Find Out The Answers Here!

Now that you've got your favourite tea with you, you're probably wondering what to eat with it? Don't worry! Tassyam is here to help you decide:

White Tea

Alcoholic Beverage: Vodka
Food: Fish and/ or Green Vegetables
Dessert: Light and mildly sweet desserts


Green Tea

Alcoholic Beverage: Martini
Food: Chicken and/ or Cottage Cheese
Dessert: Ice creams


Black Tea

Alcoholic Beverage: Whisky
Food: Red Meat and/ or Savoury dishes like Daal Makhani
Dessert: Rich and Sweet Desserts


Oolong Tea

Alcoholic Beverage: Gin
Food: Pork and/ or Light, Continental Cuisines
Dessert: Fruity Desserts

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