Around the World in 14 Tea Cups

Around the World in 14 Tea Cups

Ever wondered how people take their tea around the world. What kind of tea is prepared in different countries? In today’s post, we’ll take you around the world, one teacup at a time. Let’s begin!

  1. Japan
    Matcha is finely ground powder made from green tea leaves. It is said that Matcha Tea gives calm energy to people that drink it. ‘Matcha’ literally means powdered tea.

  2. Britain
    The English are often known for their obsession for tea drinking. Tea is a huge part of British Culture. Black tea is served on its own or with added milk and sugar after brewing it.

  3. India
    Tea is a staple beverage in India. It is called ‘chai’ and is made by brewing black tea leaves with added milk, sugar and spices such as cloves, cardamom, cinnamon etc.

  4. Morocco
    In Morocco, tea is prepared with spearmint leaves and sugar. It is also known as Moroccan, Touareg and Sahrawi mint tea. This tea is a sign of hospitality, friendship, and tradition in Morocco.

  5. Russia
    Tea is a significant part of Russian culture. Most Russian people exclusively drink black tea. Traditionally, tea is boiled in a “Samovar” which is a multi-chamber pot with one chamber for water and the other chamber for tea brewing.

  6. Pakistan
    Chai is also a staple in Pakistan. People drink it as a daily routine. It is a creamy masala tea concoction of deliciousness.

  7. Thailand
    Iced milk tea is popular in Thailand. It is known as “Cha yen” and is a combination of Thai tea mix and condensed milk.

  8. China
    Chinese tea is prepared from tea leaves and boiled water. Tea is consumed throughout the day and is often a substitute for plain water. A traditional tea set comprises of porcelain teacups, teapots, strainers, draining trays, tea forceps etc.

  9. Turkey
    Cay tea is very popular in Turkey and is served with meals, and often in between. It is prepared by brewing black tea leaves and can be served with or without sugar.

  10. USA
    Sweet iced tea is very popular in South America. It is usually made with tea bags or instant iced tea mix which is available in supermarkets. It is also called “table wine of the South” because of its obsessive consumption.

  11. Egypt
    The national Egyptian drink is called Karkadeh tea which is prepared with dried Sudanese rose flower bracts. It is also common to drink unsweetened black tea throughout the day.

  12. Qatar
    Karak Chai is popular in Qatar and is prepared by boiling the tea leaves twice to make it ‘karak’ or strong. It is a milky tea with added sugar.

  13. South Africa
    In South Africa, a bright red tea is popular which is made from Rooibos plant. It is served without sugar or milk and has a mild sweet flavor to it.

  14. Taiwan
    Taiwanese Oolong tea is considered one of the finest in the world and is also known as the “Champagne of tea”. It is widely produced and consumed in Taiwan.

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