6 Easy Tips to Keep Your Tea fresh

6 Easy Tips to Keep Your Tea fresh

Everyone will agree that nothing’s worse than a cup of tea that doesn’t taste right. This happens because tea loses flavor over time. Your tea will not retain its flavor and freshness if it is not kept in optimal storage conditions.

So to save tea from getting rancid or accumulate impurities, you can follow these 6 easy tips:

  1. Store in Dark Place:
    Light is an enemy to your tea’s freshness. So you should store tea in dark cabinet or opaque container as it can bleach your teas, rendering them stale with a metallic taste.
  2. Keep in Airtight Container:
    Storing tea in airtight container will increase the shelf life of tea. Tea leaves have a tendency to get oxidized if they’re exposed to oxygen.
  3. Avoid Heat
    Heat exposure degrades tea within no time. Avoid keeping your teas near sources of heat like ovens, stoves etc. Also, make sure it is not exposed to sunlight.
  4. Away from Moisture:
    Exposing of tea to moisture is the worst thing that can ever happen to your tea. Tea is hygroscopic in nature and instantly absorbs moisture. So keep your dried tea leaves away from humid areas, boiling water, sink and even refrigerator for that matter.
  5. Store in Bulk:
    An airtight container with little tea in bottom will degrade faster than an airtight container completely filled with tea. Make sure to keep your tea storage vessel full; the more air in the container, the more likely it is that tea will get ruined by unintentional oxidation.
  6. Keep away from Strong Odors:
    Keep your tea away from strong odors. Any smell you expose it to will be absorbed, and ultimately affect the flavor of tea. So store your tea safely away from places with strong odor like dustbins, refrigerators, spice racks etc.

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