3 Easy Ways to brew Tea without Any Teaware/Teabags/Infusers

We all know that using teabags is harmful for the environment but still keep using them because we don’t own any fancy teaware or tea-infusers and find it a hassle to go out and make an effort to buy new things. So we’ve come to your rescue with these easy hacks to make tea using loose tea leaves in an eco-friendly and easy manner.

  1. Strain it!
    You just need two cups and a strainer to enjoy your tea without a fancy teapot or a tea infuser mesh ball.
1.Add the required amount of tea leaves in a cup.
2.Pour hot water and let it steep for the suggested time period.
3.Put a strainer on the other cup.
4.After the tea is infused properly, pour it through the strainer into the other cup.
 Now, enjoy your cup of tea.

  1. Steep in a cup
    This is the easiest way to make tea if you don’t mind a bit of leaf while you sip. Simply follow the Chinese way of blowing the particles to the side of the cup. It is simple yet effective.

1.Add the required amount of tea leaves in a cup.
2.Pour hot water and steep the tea.
3.Let the tea leaves settle down at the bottom of the cup.
Enjoy when it’s ready.

  1. DIY Muslin Cloth Tea Bag
    It’s the perfect recyclable and environment-friendly replacement of the paper tea bags that we use.
    All you need is a good old muslin cloth.

1.Cut a square piece of the muslin cloth and remember to keep sufficient space for the tea when it expands.
2. Now put the amount of tea leaves required to make one cup of tea.
3.Tie the corners to close the mouth with the help of white thread.(Don’t use colored thread/cloth)
4.Make the knot tight to secure the tea leaves.
5. Dip your tea bag in a cup with hot water to enjoy tea.
You can also carry these DIY tea bags in a small airtight container when you travel.

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